ISSN: 2465-4329 (online)
ISSN: 2465-4329 (online)
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Volume 02 - Number 2, July - December 2015
Medical Ethics and Therapeutic Knowledge from China as Contested Knowledge in Times of Globalization

By Evelyne Micollier
A Comparative Study of the Attitude of Museum Administrators in Thailand and the United Kingdom Towards the Role of On-site Digital Interpretations

By Ka Tat Nixon Chen

Changing Role of Pi, a Bamboo Sound-producing Tool, in the Bon Chot ritual of the Lua-mal in Nan Province, Northern Thailand

By Yuji Baba
Performers in Jiuzhaigou: from 'Authenticity of Life' to 'Authenticity of Performance'

By Yang Ningdong and Chen Zao
Critical Factors for Acculturation of Overseas Learners of Chinese: a Reconstruction of Cultural Structure

By WANG Huiying and XIE Yimin