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ISSN: 1685-1994
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Volume 13 - Number 1, January-april 2014
Studies on Some Dioxouranium(VI) Complexes with Dithiocarbamate Ligands

Mohammad Nasir Uddin, D. A. Chowdhury and Mohammed Tazul Islam
AProteome Analysis of Acrylamide-induced Proteins in a Novel Acrylamide-degrader Enterobacter aerogenes by 2D Electrophoresis and MALDI-TOF-MS

Jittima Charoenpanich and Akio Tani
Binuclear Tetrahedral Dimeric Mg(II) Complexes of DibasicTridentate Schiff Base Ligands and Their Microbial Studies

Mohammad N. Uddin, Md. A. Salam, Didarul A. Chowdhury,and Md. Abu B. Siddique
Influence of Solvents on Characteristics of Nanoparticles Prepared by Pulsed Laser Ablation on Iron Target

Htain Lin Aye, Supab Choopun and Torranin Chairuangsri
Effect of Physical Therapy Training on Gait Initiation in Patients with Moderate Parkinson's Disease

Fuengfa Khobkhun, Sunee Bovonsunthonchai,Roongtiwa Vachalathiti and Apichart Pisarnpong
Factors Influencing the Impact Force of the Taekwondo Roundhouse Kick

Sutima Thibordeeand and Orawan Prasartwuth
Calculation of the Sensitive Region of a U-shaped Permanent Magnet for a Single-Sided NMR Spectrometer

Weerachon Meethan, Ian Thomas and Chunpen Thomas
Influences of Cultivation Conditions on Microbial Profiles of Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) Harvested from Eastern and Central Thailand

Matichon Lokkhumlue and Cheunjit Prakitchaiwattana
Physiological Changes of Fruit and Vegetable Carving

Jomkhwun Suwannarak, Putkrong Phanumong, Nithiya Rattanapanone
The Impact of Guanxi on Logistics Service Value

Poti Chao and Tanyanuparb Anantana