ISSN: 1685-1994
ISSN: 1685-1994
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Volume 15 - Number2 ,May - August 2016
Isolation of a Novel Molybdenum-reducing and Azo Dye Decolorizing Enterobacter sp. strain Aft-3 from Pakistan

Mohd Shukri Shakor, Khan Aftab, Masdor Norazliin, Halmi Mohd Izuan Effendi, Abdullah Siti Rozaimah Sheikh and Suukor Mohd Yunus
Identifying the Origin of Forensic Soil Evidence Using Amplified Ribosomal DNA Restriction Analysis of its Bacterial Community

Venus Naknim, Wibhu Kutanan and Khemika Lomthaisong
Optimization of Vancomycin Dosing Regimens to Achieve Therapeutic Targets in Critically Ill Patients in Thailand

Thitinat Dedkaew, Tim Roy Cressey, Chaicharn Phothirat, Romanee Chaiwarith, Baralee Punyawudho and Aroonrut Lucksiri
In vitro Study on the Changes in Digestive Fluid Characteristics as Affected by Consumption of Dietary Fiber from Lime Residues

Saranya Jongaroontaprangsee, Naphaporn Chiewchan, Pawadee Methacanon, Sakamon Devahastin
Production of Collagen Hydrolysate with Antioxidant Activity from Pharaoh Cuttlefish Skin

Sophawan Bousopha, Sitthipong Nalinanon and Chodsana Sriket
The Optimal Drying Temperature and Moisture Content for Microwavable Job’s Tears Grains

Orathai Bunthawong and Somchai Jomduang