ISSN: 2465-4337 (online)
ISSN: 2465-4337 (online)
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Volume 15 - Number1 ,January - April 2016
Variation of Zinc Concentration in Rice Caryopsis and Husk among Southern Rice Varieties Grown in Southern and Northern Thailand

Nantiya Panomjan, Sansanee Jamjod, Benjavan Rerkasem,Bernard Dell and Chanakan Prom-u-thai
The Effects of Nitrogen as NO3- and NH4+ on the Growth and Symbiont (Anabaena azollae) of Azolla pinnata R. Brown

Arunothai Jampeetong, Thunyachol Sripakdee, Tanaporn Khamphaya and Sutthathorn Chairuangsri
Identification of Antioxidants in Lamiaceae Vegetables by HPLC-ABTS and HPLC-MS

Trakul Prommajak, Sang Moo Kim, Cheol-Ho Pan, Sang Min Kim, Suthat Surawang and Nithiya Rattanapanone
A Simple Device for Collecting Exhaled Breath Condensate (EBC) to Study Inflammatory Biomarkers of PM 10 Exposure in Thai Schoolchildren

Waraphan Phornwisetsirikun, Tippawan Prapamontol,Somporn Chantara, Prasak Thavornyutikarn and Somrak Rangkakulnuwat
Effects of a Theory-based Breastfeeding Promotion Intervention on Exclusive Breastfeeding in China

Hongwei Wan, Sujitra Tiansawad, Susanha Yimyam and Punpilai Sriarporn
Importance of Tien Yen Estuary (Northern Vietnam) for Early-Stage Nuchequula nuchalis (Temminck & Schlegel, 1845)

Hau Duc Tran, Thuy Thi Ta and Thanh Trung Tran
Bismuth Coated Screen-printed Electrode Platform for Greener Anodic Stripping Voltammetric Determination of Cadmium and Lead

Autchara Paukpol and Jaroon Jakmunee