Chiang Mai University Journal of Natural Sciences Volume 18, October-December 2019, Number 4


  • Testing a New Type of Fertilizer to Improve Nursery Production of Framework Tree Species for Forest Ecosystem Restoration in Northern Thailand.

          Panya Waiboonya* and Stephen Elliott 


  • Anticancer Activity of Metal Complexes with Acesulfame Mixed with Triphenylphosphine Ligands.
         Bussaba Boonseng*, Teerawat Khudkham, Sutthida Wongsuwan, and Jaruwan Chatwichien
  • Application of Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride and Peroxyacetic Acid as Alternative Chemical Treatment for Organic Trimmed Aromatic Coconut.
          Diem Thi Ngoc Nguyen, Kullanart Tongkhao, and Sasitorn Tongchitpakdee*


  • Partial Sequence Analysis of Cytochrome b Gene by FINS Technique Reveals Fraud Sambar Meat in Wild Food Restaurant.
          Thanat Vorajinda, Chavin Chaisongkram, Wibhu Kutanan, and Khemika Lomthaisong
  • Preparation of Isoflavone glucosides from Soy germ and β-Glucosidase from Bacillus coagulans PR03 for Isoflavone aglycones Production.
         Supakit Chaipoot, Rewat Phongphisutthinant, Sujinda Sriwattana, Sakaewan Ounjaijean, and Pairote Wiriyacharee*
  • Effects of Phosphorus on In-vitro Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Brassica rapa L. in Arsenic Condition.
          Bayezid Mahmud Khan*, Afroza Hasan Afrin, and Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain
  • Succinic acid as a green and bio-based catalyst assisted solvent-free one-pot Biginelli synthesis of biologically active 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2-(1H)-ones/thiones derivatives.
         Farzaneh Mohamadpour *, Mansoor Feilizadeh 
  • Changes of Anthocyanins in Black Rice Flours Prepared by Cooking and Pregelatinization.
          Sudarat Jiamyangyuen*, Nitra Nuengchamnong, and Paradorn Ngamdee
  • Effect of Carrying Style on Posture Score in Adolescents with Musculoskeletal Pain.
          Nuanlaor Thawinchai* and Kannikar Funprom

  • Nutritional and Bioactive Compounds in Coconut Meat of Different Sources: Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.
          Chitraporn Ngampeerapong and Visith Chavasit*