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ISSN: 2465-4337 (online)
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Volume 07 - Number 2, July-December 2008
Relationship Between Serum Digoxin Concentrations and Clinical Symptoms of Heart Failure in Pediatric Patients with Heart Disease

Yupaporn Preechagoon, Peeraya Somsaard and Setthasiri Petcharattana

Acute and Repeated Dose 28-Day Oral Toxicity Study of Garcinia mangostana Linn. Rind Extract

Pathom Jujun, Krisana Pootakham, Yanee Pongpaibul Chadarat Duangrat and Prasit Tharavichitkul

Stability of Chitosan Solutions for Potential Use in Ocular Drug Delivery

Anutra Khangtragool, Somsanguan Ausayakhun, Phuriwat Leesawat,Robert Molloy and Chutiporn Laokul

Preparation, Physicochemical and Film-Forming Properties of Carboxymethyl/Hydroxypropyl Dual-Modifi ed Tapioca Starches

Tippawan Tehkhunmag, Nisit Kittipongpatana, Saitong Malisuwan, Suteera Watanageebudtra and Ornanong S. Kittipongpatana

Identifi cation and Determination of Synthetic Dyes in Grape Juice in Closed Package

Khesorn Nantachit, Somporn Putiyanan and Prapart Phooviang

Standard Pharmacognostic Characteristic of Some Thai Herbal Medicine

Somporn Putiyanan, Sunee Chansakaow, Ampai Phrutivorapongkul and Wannaree Charoensup

Investigation of a Submicron-Particle Inertial Impactor for Size-Selective Inlet of the Electrical Mobility Spectrometer

Panich Intra

Shifting Cultivation System and Crop Symbiosis with Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi

Jumnian Wongmo, Bernard Dell, Saisamorn Lumyong and Benjavan Rerkasem

Method Validation and Investigation of Paclobutrazol in Soil Using SPME-GC-MS Technique

Anuwat Jaradrattanapaiboon, Pittaya Sruamsiri, Kathrin Reintjes,Martin Leitenberger, Berit Jöns, Sybille Neidhart and Reinhold Carle

Role of Leucaena glauca Leaf litter on the Growth and Reproduction of Earthworms Eisenia fetida Savigny

Govindarajan Manimegala, Senguttuvan Sarojini,Govindarajan Gunasekaran, Mani Prakash, Kasi Parthasarathiand Sriramulu Ananthakrishnasamy

Assessing Student Conceptual Understanding of Force and Motion with Model Analysis

Pornrat Wattanakasiwich

Cathodic Electrodeposition of Chalcogenide Thin Films Cu4SnS4 for Solar Cells

Anuar Kassim, Ho Soon Min, Tan Wee Tee , Atan Sharif,Zulkefl y Kuang, Md. Jelas Haron and Saravanan Nagalingam