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ISSN: 2465-4337 (online)
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Chiang Mai University Journal of Natural Sciences Vol.19 No.2, 2020
First Cytogenetic Study of Green Chromis, Chromis viridis (Perciformes, Pomacentridae) by Conventional Staining and Ag-NOR Banding Techniques

Getlekha, N.* and Tanomtong, A.
A New Assessment of Activities of Daily Living for Thai Stroke Patients

Apichai, S.*, Chinchai, P., Dhippayom, J., and Munkhetvit, P.
Behavioural Responses in African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) Exposed to Different Chemicals

Ayoku, B.D., Osuji, L.C, and Onojake, M.C.*
Characterization of Acidic Tuna Protease and Its Application for Extraction of Tilapia Collagen Hydrolysate

Tohmadlae, P., Worawattanamateekul, W., and Hinsui, J.*
Presence of Strongyle Infection in Thoroughbred Horses of Punjab Province, Pakistan

Khan, M.A., Ruhi, N., and Qaiser, H.*
In vitro Biological Activities of the Anti-aging Potential of Dimocarpus longan Leaf Extracts

Doungsaard, P., Chansakaow, S., Sirithunyalug, J., Lue, S.-C., Lin, W.-C., Liang, C.-H., Lee, K.-H., and Leelapornpisid, P.*
Screening of Antibacterial Activity of Goniothalamus calvicarpa Extracts Against Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri in vitro

Jumpathong, J.*, Suphrom, N., Dell, B., Khamsuk, K., Boonsangsom, T., and Poonpaiboonpipat, T.
Parboiled Germinated Brown Rice Decreases Inflammatory Cytokines Levels in Various Regions of Brain in Rats Induced by Carbon Tetrachloride

Wunjuntuk, K., Chareonkiatkul, S., and Kettawan, A.*
Efficiency of Processed Farm Wastes on Structure and Oba Super 11 Grain Yield on Condemned Oil Stressed Soil in Southeastern Nigeria

Nwite, J.N., Njoku, C.*,Nwogbaga, A.C., Nwokwu, G.N., Akande, O.S., Onyeagoziri, E.C., and Igwe, T.S.
Community Perceptions of Free-Roaming Dogs and Management Practices in Villages at the Periphery of a Protected Area in Bhutan

Dorji, T., Tenzin, T., Rinzin, K., Phimpraphai, W., and de Garine-Wichatitshy, M.*
Chiang Mai University Journal of Natural Sciences Vol.19 No.3, 2020
Phytochemical Evaluation and Qualitative analysis as Sweetness Potentially of Selected Thai Plants

Thamapan, K., Laohakunjit, N.*, Kerdchoechuen, O., Vongsawasdi, P., and Mingvanish, W.
Optimization of Nitrogen Fertilizer Application in Lowland Rice Production System of Agricultural Resource System Research Station Using Tailored Farm-plot Database

Norsuwan, T.*
The Effects of Different NPK Fertilization Rates and Water Regimes on the Ratooned Black Glutinous Rice

Lakitan, B.*, Jaya, K.K., Ria, R.P., and Morianto, B.
High Glycemic Index Diet Decreases Insulin Secretion without Altering Akt and Pdx1 Expression on Pancreatic Beta Cells in Mice

Herawati, L., Sari, G.M., and Irawan, R.*
Identification of Malaysia’s Edible Bird’s Nest Geographical Origin using Gel Electrophoresis Analysis

Lee, T.H.*, Wong, S., Lee, C.H., Azmi, N.A., Darshini, M., Supparmaniam, K., and Cheng, K.K.
Evaluation on Carbon storage in Aboveground Biomass of Yang na at Plant Genetic Protection Area, Ubon Ratchathani Province

Phetcharaburanin, P.*, Chakhamrun, N., and Kulninworpaeng, P.
Induction and Cytological Studies of Coffea arabica cv. Catimor CIFC 7963 Callus

Lokkamlue, N.*
Assessment of Carbon Footprint of Upland Rice Production in Northern Thailand

Champrasert, P.,Sampattagul, S., Yodkhum, S., and Wangpakapattanawong, P.*
Karyological Studies on Hammerhead Flatworm, Bipalium kewense (Tricladida, Terricola) from Thailand

Getlekha, N.
Thunbergia Laurifolia Lind. Extract Alleviates Motor Impairments in Acute MPTP Mouse Model of Parkinson’s Disease

Chaiwut, T, Thaweekhotr, P., Thongsopha, C., Phasukdee, N., Gomonchareonsiri, S., Boontim, N., Sanpow, N., Tocharus, C., and Quiggins, R.*