ISSN: 2465-4329 (online)
ISSN: 2465-4329 (online)
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Volume 4 - Number 1 , January-June 2017
Political Issues Hidden in the 19th CenturyChiang Mai Chronicle.

Suwipa Champawan and Krirk Akarachinores
Prioritizing Energy-efficiency and Renewable-energy Measures in a Low-carbon Campus using Analytic Hierarchy Process with Social Awareness Criterion.

Dilok Kiatlertnapha and Nat Vorayos
Performance Evaluation Using PCA and DEA: a Case Study of the Micro and Small Manufacturing Industries in Indonesia.

Erni Puspanantasari Putri, Danaipong Chetchotsak, Muaffaq Achmad Jani, and Retno Hastijanti
University Civic Engagement in Bangladesh and Potential Alternative Pedagogies.

Meghna Guhathakurta
The Rice Value Chain: a Case Study of Thai Rice.

Benjavan Rerkasem