Volume 1, Number 1, july- December 2014
    FULL Paper(s) Abstract

Like a Fish on a Stick:HIV-Positive Networks and the Cultural Politics of HIV/AIDS in Post-Socialist Lao PDR

Amanda Joy

Doi: 10.12982/cmujASR.2014.0001


Determinants of Borrowers of the Village and Urban Community Fund in Thailand

Siwaporn Fongthong and Komsan Suriya

Doi: 10.12982/cmujASR.2014.0002


Responding to Higher Education Change through the Lens of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC): the Case of Autonomous Public Universities in Thailand

Paipan Thanalerdsopit, Komsak Meksamoot, Nopasit Chakpitak, Paul Goldsmith and Pitipong Yodmongkon

Doi: 10.12982/cmujASR.2014.0003


Increasing Opportunities in Physical Education for Students with Disabilities

Ratchaneekorn Tongsookdee, Virapong Saeng-Xuto, Manut Yodcome, Rajchukarn Tongthaworn, Churawee Suriyachan and Chitinthree Boonma

Doi: 10.12982/cmujASR.2014.0004


Promoting Resilience in Schoolchildren in Urban Slums

Sompoch Ratioran and Supavan Phlainoi

Doi: 10.12982/cmujASR.2014.0005


Improving Personal Mastery Through a Nurturing Program for First Year Students at a Private University in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sirikorn Thapthong, Pakdeekul Ratana, Pongsak Pankeaw, Anchalee Jengjalearn, and Komsak Meksamoot

Doi: 10.12982/cmujASR.2014.0006


Cultivation of Numerical Thinking in Early Childhood Education Using Folk Games in Rural China

XIE Yimin and WANG Huiying

Doi: 10.12982/cmujASR.2014.0007